Commonly Asked Questions…

Is the In the Mood to Dance College for me?
The Non-Dancer: Yes! You do not have to know how to dance, you will learn how! This curriculum is meant to teach you the vocabulary and terminology of Ballroom dancing, moving anatomically through your body, and the communication skills to work with a partner. Move with ease, grace, and learn additional skills in the process to have the option to continue to dance or to teach the next generation of dancers.

The Student: Yes! Do you want a fuller understanding of the movements you are creating? Do you want to gain experience dancing while working with other dancers? If you answer yes, this program is for you. Develop the skills to learn dances faster while gaining the skills to teach, if desired. Break down individual steps/patterns to the most fundamental elements to recreate the movement on your own.

The Teacher: Yes! Develop your teaching skills while learning how to teach and structure Group Classes and Private Lessons, sell lessons and classes without pressuring your students to buy, brush up your teaching skills by learning the correct terminology and language of dance, and tricks to teach technique anatomically with “Move Like a Champion”.

Why should I participate in the In the Mood to Dance College?
The Non-Dancer: Learn how to dance in a structured environment with other people working toward the same goals; learning to dance. Fine tune the vocabulary, terminology, and language of ballroom dance.

The Student: Further your dance terminology, dance experience and expertise, or just want to develop the skills to communicate valuable information. Acquire the same information that dance instructors have which will help fill in the gaps in your learning, giving you more details to see the “big picture” of what it means to be a good ballroom dancer.

The Teacher: Get help identifying the common mistakes students typically make and how best to instruct them better. Gain the skills to teach different elements clearer and more precise. Learn new vocabulary for teaching, musical aspects for each figure and dance, how to give feedback to your students, and how to present information precisely and clearer. Develop new methods for teaching and structuring group classes and private lessons and sell without the pressure of the used car salesman approach.

Do I have to become a teacher?
No! This curriculum is for anyone with the desire to further their dance knowledge, experience, or expertise! It teaches you the fundamental skills of partner dancing by developing skills like: creating movement, elements of patterns, history of each dance, and more!

Why should I be Nationally Certified or Graduate the In the Mood to Dance College?
Certification ensures that instructors don’t just know how to dance, but rather are extremely well-versed in various teaching methods. Certified instructors working in both private studios and public schools need to be proficient in explaining the theory of certain types of movements and dance. Then help students break down individual steps to their most fundamental elements to help students recreate the movement on their own.
Certification is a simple way to earn recognition from students and colleagues in the Ballroom dance community. Instructors who have a dance teacher certification have a leg up on other teachers who do not. A dance instructor certificate program provides specific training in the general principles of expressive movement and movement specific to various forms of dance. It shows your dedication and expertise to your craft and style of dance.

What is the difference between Private Lessons and Group Classes?
Private Lessons allow you to progress at a faster rate that is comfortable for you. We customize the program to fit your needs, schedule, and skill level. Private Lessons are a great option for those students traveling from outside the Raleigh, NC area, who would like complete the program at a faster pace. If you are interested in training in just a few dances, rather than the entire program or prefer individual instruction. You can start anytime and begin with the dance of your choice. You can also take lessons on days and during times that work best for you. Develop your technique and styling with the focused one-on-one attention from the Master Teacher.
Group Classes offers the ability to learn new information in a group setting, allowing you the ability to develop the skills with other like minded students. Your fellow classmates become your practice partners for exams and study groups, developing partnerships with your classmates. If you work during the day but are looking for a new hobby or career to fill in your evenings.

What is the cost difference between Private Lesson and Group Classes?
Private Lesson: Tuition is $500 a month plus the Master Teacher’s lowest private lesson rate. Includes Trainee Handbook, does not include DVIDA Manuals or Course Textbooks.
Group Classes: Tuition is $500 a month or $1880 for the entire semester. Includes Trainee Handbook, does not include DVIDA Manuals or Course Textbooks.

If I miss a class or an exam, how do I make up the class or exam?
We offer time with an the Master Teacher who is available to help with teaching lessons to catch up on information missed, to administer a missed exam, and are always available to help prepare you on any information or skill you may feel you need further work developing.

What if I would like to participate in completing only one dance?
You can participate in one dance, although we encourage people to take the entire semester corresponding with the dance you are wanting to learn to gain the most experience and information. You can participate in the group class setting or complete the one dance in private lessons.

Can I take additional lessons to prepare for exams, either in class exams or DVIDA?
Yes. You can take additional private lessons with pre-approved Instructor to further prepare yourself for In-Class exams or DVIDA exams. We encourage students to participate in additional lessons in preparation of exams. They can be taken with a fellow student who is willing to work with you in preparing themselves for the exams or is willing to be your partner for the dancing portion of the exams. The cost of the lessons are priced at the pre-approved Instructors lowest private lesson rate.