About the In the Mood to Dance College…

In the Mood to Dance College offers an American Style Bronze Teacher Training curriculum based on a 16-month rotating perpetual schedule. The curriculum is divided into 4 separate courses, each 4 months long. It takes you through the entire DVIDA® (Dance Vision International Dance Association) Bronze American Style syllabus for the Smooth, Rhythm, and Nightclub dances. There is no pre-requisite trainees need other than the desire to make dance their career or to better their dance knowledge and expertise.

What you’ll learn…

The Curriculum covers all aspects related to becoming proficient and well-educated in teaching and dancing ballroom dance.

Over the 16-month course…

  • Trainees learn how to teach and dance 17 dances based on the DVIDA® Bronze American Style Syllabus (Smooth, Rhythm and Nightclub dances)
  • You’ll learn to dance and teach the Leader’s and Follower’s parts
  • The technical and musical elements of each figure
  • Everything else they need to know in order to be successful.
  • How to teach private & group lessons
  • How to prepare for DVIDA® certification
  • Salesfree Sales Training Course
  • Move Like a Champion®

Additional aspects of the course include:

  • Regular homework assignments and in-class presentations
  • 64 exercises for teaching body mechanics (Move Like a Champion program)
  • “Teach Like a Pro- The Ultimate Guide for Ballroom Dance Instructors”- A resource used in class to help develop your skills furthering your outlook on teaching.
  • How to run group classes and teach private lessons
  • Customer-focused, high integrity sales approach (Salesfree Sales program)
  • How to create and dance a routine to music with and without a partner
  • Preparation for professional DVIDA® certification

Graduates of the program are ready to teach with no additional training required!

***NO Partner and NO Dance Experience is required!!!***

Benefits of Our Teacher Training Program…

  • Salesfree Sales Training Course: You will receive ground-breaking sales training emphasizing the interpersonal skills necessary to create long term relationships with students. Salesfree Sales will transform the way you think about sales and the way you communicate with your students, colleagues, and employers.
  • Move Like a Champion® We have incorporated 64 exercises throughout our Bronze Teacher Training curriculum. Move Like a Champion® will enable you to teach the proper body mechanics necessary for your students to become excellent dancers.
  • Dance and teach over 250 figures in 17 dances as both Leader and Follower
  • Know how to teach mechanics, posture, frame, movement, and musicality
  • Interpersonal skills for long-term and successful relationships with their students and fellow dancers

Who is this program for…

In addition to students or dancers looking for a new career, teachers can benefit as well. Have you ever been stumped about “how” to teach a particular figure, technique or aspect of dance? With detailed teaching information, innovative exercises and tips, the In the Mood to Dance Curriculum provides a wealth of valuable teaching material:

  • Teachers:
  • Common mistakes students typically make and how best to teach a figure
  • How to teach different elements (dance positions, foot positions, alignments, etc)
  • New vocabulary for teaching
  • Musical aspects for each figure and dance
  • How to project your voice
  • How to give feedback to your students
  • Dancers:
  • This Curriculum provides valuable information for motivated dancers who learn well from written resources. Acquiring the same information that dance teachers have will help fill in the gaps in your learning, giving you more details to see the “big picture” of what it means to be a good ballroom dancer.


You have two options to complete your training:

  • Group Class or
  • Private Lesson

Group Classes:

The Group Class American Style Bronze teacher training program is ongoing, with new sessions starting every four months. This program is divided into four sessions:

  • Rhythm I: Rumba, Cha Cha, Bolero, & East Coast Swing
  • Rhythm II: Mambo, Merengue, Samba, & West Coast Swing
  • Nightclub: Salsa, Bachata, Hustle, Nightclub Two Step, Argentine Tango
  • Smooth: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, & Viennese Waltz

Each session is four months long and you may enroll at the beginning of any session. New sessions begin in January, May, and September. Classes meet twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays, from 6:00 – 8:15pm. You’ll complete all four sessions (17 dances total) in just 16 months. This track is great for students who are working by day and pursuing their dreams of becoming a professional ballroom dancer or dance instructor by night. You will receive a certificate acknowledging your achievement when you complete each course. You will receive a diploma from In the Mood to Dance when you complete all four courses!

***NO Partner and NO Dance Experience is required!!!***

Tuition per session:

  • $500/month or
  • $1,880 in advance (save $120!) per semester
  • Please Note: Class size is limited, so we recommend that you register early to reserve your space.

I’m Ready – Let’s Get Started!

What is included in your Tuition Price (Purchased once throughout the training program):
Trainee Handbook

Additional Materials Needed (Purchased once throughout the training program):
DVIDA® Manuals
Move Like a Champion® Book
Teach Like a Pro Book

Benefits of the Group Class Training:

  • Working during the day and looking for a night school curriculum to further your education and/or options for work
  • Exposure to new information in a group setting, allowing you the ability develop skills with other like minded students
  • Classmates become your practice partners for exams and study groups

Private Lesson:

This Program Is Ideal If You:

  • Want to accelerate your progress and complete your training as soon as possible
  • If your schedule is not compatible with our class times
  • Live outside the local area
  • Are interested in training in just a few dances, rather than completing the entire program
  • Prefer individual instruction

Benefits of the Private Lesson Training:

  • Start anytime and begin with the session (or dance) of your choice
  • Take lessons on days and times that are best for you
  • Complete the training on your timeline—from as little as 4 months to a leisurely few years
  • Develop your technique and styling with the focused, one-on-one attention from the Master Teacher.

***NO Partner and NO Dance Experience is required!!!***


  • $500/month in addition to the Master Teachers lowest private lesson fee

What is included in your Tuition Price (Purchased once throughout the training program):
Trainee Handbook

Additional Materials Needed (Purchased once throughout the training program):
DVIDA® Manuals
Move Like a Champion® Book
Teach Like a Pro Book

Our Private Lesson Teacher Training program is completely customized for your needs. Please contact Kathryn at 919-791-6136 for details. We will answer your questions, develop a plan based on your goals, and get you started on your journey!